Flagstaff High School Renovation and Addition

Structural Steel Flagstaff High School
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I began this project as the field superintendent, laying out the buildings, placing the foundations and pouring the slabs on grade.  A couple of months into the project, I was asked to assume the role of onsite Project Manager.


From day one on this project it was apparent that this was going to be a challenge.  Not only were we facing the impending Flagstaff winter -- which turned out to be one for the record books I might add -- but we were also faced with the logistics of construction on a school while it was in use.  This project consisted of 20,000 sq ft of new construction consisting of a new North Commons, West Gallery and kitchen as well as a complete new South Wing including science labs, office space, meeting rooms, auditorium, bathrooms and great hall.  Aside from the new construction, we were also contracted to renovate 26,000 sq ft of existing building area -- installing a redesigned bus loading zone, the demolition, relocation, and installation of a new fire land, and new service connections, including sewer, water main, and fire service mains.   


Most of the new construction was over previously demolished structures so there were a lot of issues with inaccurately marked underground utilities or utilities that were just not marked at all.  Part of the renovation included tying in the new South Wing Great Hall or Gallery to the new West Gallery.  The problem was they were separated by the existing main hall and great commons rooms of the high school.  It was a challenge, literally cutting a 25’ wide swath through the middle of the existing school while protecting all the existing finishes from the elements, not to mention guarding the students, staff and public from danger in the process all while coordinating the efforts of subcontractors along with our self performed aspects of work, as well as the state and city agencies responsible for inspections and safety.  I could write a volume on this project’s logistical challenges, but suffice it to say, no one was injured, we completed the job, and the district is pleased to have their newly renovated high school back.



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