Public Observatory Resort

Big Water Public Observatory Resort


Big Water and the surrounding areas offer some of the best quality skies for astronomy related activities. This is the main reason why Big Water has drawn the attention of a new, upcoming and quickly dominating figure in the telescope manufacturing industry. Glen Canyon Construction is pleased to announce that it will be assisting Ales Patrick Krivanek, owner of ISTAR Optical telescope production company, with the design and construction of a professionally equipped observatory “Resort” accompanied with 8 motel type room “Bed and Breakfast” style accommodations.


The actual observing decks and/or domes will be sitting on top of a single story building with rooms for guests. One observation deck will house a big, 250mm or 300mm aperture refractor (telescope with 10” or 12” lens in front) and 150mm specially designed and built Solar refracting telescope for study of solar activity in H-Alpha wavelength. The second deck will be equipped with a very special 180mm aperture F/6 Five lens astrograph and 95mm F/6 four lens astrograph both specialized for a wide field, deep space photography.

All instruments are designed and produced by Istar Optical. Similar telescopes are used by both amateur astronomers and professional observatories around the globe. Such a local observatory would offer all major types of astronomy related work for both fun and serious research. These would include the following:


1 - Visual observing of Moon, planets and deep space.

2 - Solar observing and imaging.

3 –Planetary, Moon and deep space imaging.


Such a small but well equipped local observatory would be of a great benefit namely for local schools and its students. Mr. Krivanek already mentioned the possibility of a local observatory to the middle school in Page and his idea was extremely well accepted. He was told by the school’s principal that such a place will spark interest in astronomy and related fields like physics, mathematics, chemistry and mechanical engineering. Something that is currently sorely missing in all the surrounding areas. Because Mr. Krivanek owns a telescope making company, kids and adults will be also able to see how a modern telescope is designed and built.


Public observing sessions would be free of charge for all students so having a local observatory will not only be of a great benefit for students and adults interested in astronomy but will offer several new employment positions and increase the flow of visitors directly in Big Water. The increased visitor traffic would also be beneficial for other businesses in Big Water as well.


Furthermore, the plans are also to hold two annual astronomy gatherings just outside Big Water in the surrounding wilderness. The right place would be chosen with the help of Big Water city officials. Ales plans on advertising and managing each event in person under the auspices of the Istar Optical Company. Similar shows are held in several places in Southwestern USA but none is officially held in the Glen Canyon / Lake Powell area. To host these shows would bring new, first time visitors to the area and the potential for their return. The amount of visitors for each event will be between a few dozen to several hundred (these numbers are based on similar astronomy shows held in other places in Utah, Arizona and S. California) so the town of Big Water would further benefit from such activities and will be recognized as a good place to visit for anyone interested in astronomy and optics.