Management Team

Management Team


For a small company Glen Canyon Construction’s management team is, well….small. That said, our years of experience and direct knowledge of the construction industry provides us the necessary skills to assure continued success. The fact that our management team is small also puts us in a position to offer a more personal touch during customer relations.


Raymond Rankin – President, Project Manager and Chief Estimator


Ray's knowledge of construction begins 29 years ago pushing a broom as a cleanup hand and steadily continues culminating with the experience and understanding gained through years of hands on hard labor; the kind that comes from sweating and bleeding side by side with your men, down in the trenches, in the heat of battle day after day, gaining their trust and loyalty through competent, decisive and steadfast leadership. As time progressed and the projects became larger and more complex, Ray’s direct involvement in the field has been enhanced by the necessary skills required to coordinate the efforts of all the trades involved in the construction process.

Throwing on the tool bags is a must for Ray and he does so whenever possible.  However, subcontractor coordination, scheduling manpower and materials for self performed work to meet project deadlines as well as quality control, tool and equipment inventory and maintenance, safety audits, personnel reviews, schedule updates and forecasts, daily reporting and correspondence, record keeping, change orders and the overall, accurate, detailed, project management so critical to successfully documenting the progress of construction is a routine he has become well versed in over the years.

The project scheduling, tracking and management skills he now possesses were obtained through hands on trial and continuing education both in and out of the classroom.  These are a result, in a large degree, to countless hours of self dedication, research and study on his own time, after hours, learning new software and management techniques.

Ray is also not unfamiliar with the consequences of making bad decisions resulting in loss of time and/or money. He believes the mistakes that are made are not as important as the lesson to be learned from them, otherwise you are doomed to repeat them in the future.

Safety is something that is taken very seriously at Glen Canyon Construction.  It is our belief that complacency will do the most damage to any project, or individual, be it in scheduling, coordination, project management or safety.



Rhys Barnett -- Project Foreman



Rhys has been a member of the GCC team since 2013.  He has been an integral part of multiple projects, including the .5MW Amangiri Solar Plant, the Best Western Plus remodel and the new  La Quinta in Page, Arizona, as well as various smaller residential and commerical projects across the area.





Marvin Stegall -- Superintendent